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NOVEMBER KIT - Christmas Stories

Price €25.00
Availability: 1 In Stock

1️⃣ Christmas Time collection from Craft O’Clock- pad 12x12 + Junk Journal + set of extras
2️⃣ Chipboard 3d lantern for eploding box, snowflakes and bubbles and chipboard doors.
3️⃣ White exploding box, 2 card blanks: white DL and ZIG ZAG POP UP CARD + card door
4️⃣ Bunch of leaves and flowers
5️⃣ 3 vintage ribbons in coordintaing colors, gold string and gold leaves trim, lace
6️⃣ Sisal and wooden pegs
7️⃣ Mix of glitter, microbeads and sequins in the bottle.
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OCTOBER KIT - Believe in magic

Price €25.00
Availability: 6 In Stock
Kit inlcudes:
1️⃣ Fantastic collection from Zoju Desing - Waiting for a letter with extra sheet of elements to cut, additional 3 extra sheets of flowery elements to cut and 2 old book pages.
2️⃣ 4 different chipboards in magic theme.
3️⃣ White exploding box, 2 card blanks:white DL and navy round.
Something new 3 kraft diary cards and 2 shapes pumpkin and witch hat perfect for Halloween decorations.
4️⃣ 4 Harry Potter themed playing cards, 3 mini bottles with microbeads, metal elements and styrofoam mini balls.
5️⃣ Bunch of leaves and flowers.
6️⃣ 3 vintage ribbons in coordintaing colors, cord white and neutral and black chessecloth.

SEPTEMBER KIT - Lavender Field

Price €25.00
Availability: 6 In Stock

What you can find in September Kit?
1️⃣ Set of Fabrica Decoru papers + 2 sheets of Stamperia papers
2️⃣ Purple lavender chocolate box, square card blank and shutter card.
3️⃣ Lavender chipboars and chipboard window frame.
4️⃣ Shabby ribbons, lavender laces, sisal, stamens wreath, purple tulle, clay element.
5️⃣ Bunch of leaves and flowers.

AUGUST KIT - Our Journey

Price €25.00
Availability: 9 In Stock

1️⃣ 12x12' paper collection  "BEAUTIFUL JOURNEY" by Zoju ,  extra papers with elements to cutfrom MIntay paper ("Wanderlust", "Paradise" and "Next trip""
2️⃣Pages from Mintay's booklet "TRAVEL BOOK" 
3️⃣Postcards, tickets, tags, stickers,chipboards, maps and even original postage stamps - everything related to the trip 
4️⃣ Something personal for you - a small travel journal, where you can keep track of your memories with a decorative metal clip, and an album where you can report on your adventures along with photos.
5️⃣ Shabby Ribbons, 
6️⃣ 3 Card blank (DL, easel, bag shape)
7️⃣ Rounded metal can full of goodies: metal charms, badges, even mini money bag for your dream journeys!!! ;)


Price €25.00
Availability: 1 In Stock

Kit includes:
*) 12x12 papers Craft O'Clock - WEDDING DREAMS - full pad
*) Set of wedding chipboards + 3d wedding  chipboard
*) Blank cards: cake shape, heart shape and DL size with box with window
*) exploding box 
6️⃣ lots of random flowers 
7️⃣ Set of laces and Shabby Ribbons in coordinating colors and mesh lace
8️⃣  pearls,woodenl elements.

APRIL KIT - My Little Girl

Price €25.00
Availability: 5 In Stock
➡️ My little Girl kit includes:
1️⃣ 12x12 set of My little baby girl papers by Fabrika Decoru
2️⃣ Square box with window + square card blank, round and rectangle card blanks and pink harmonica square album.
3️⃣ Chipboards: panda chipboards, flowery and frames.
4️⃣ Selection of different size paper and silk flowers with leaves and stamens.
5️⃣ Organza bag full of goodies: clay panda head, glitter stuffed hearts and plastic one, pearls, little paper flowers and glitter berries.
6️⃣ Selection of shabby ribbons, silk ribbons, cord, laces etc.

DECEMBER KIT - Winter Forest

Price €25.00
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1️⃣ 12x12 Snowy Winterland collection from Craft O’Clock + Junk Journal 6pcs + set of extras 6pcs
2️⃣ 3D Chipboard x2 for eploding box (Winter music box 3D and Roe-deer), wooden chips and Maxi CHRISTMAS CIRCLES 9 pcs from Mintay
3️⃣ Chipboard Stickers - Die Cuts - SNOWY WINTERLAND or CHRISTMAS TIME
4️⃣ Bunch of leaves and flowers + pine cones
5️⃣ 3 vintage ribbons in coordintaing colors, gold string, lace and puffy stars
6️⃣ White exploding box, 2 shaped card blanks: grey circle + Christmas tree
7️⃣ Mix of glitter, microbeads and sequins in the bottle.
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14 Craft Bar December Kit - unboxing  here

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