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MARCH KIT - Feel like a woman

Price €30.00
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Kit includes:
1️⃣ 12x12' paper pad "Lady" by Mintay Papers + cardboard stickers
2️⃣ white exploding box and 2 extra inserts
3️⃣ 2 blank cards - square and DL
4️⃣ 2 clay molds and metal charms,
5️⃣ set of Shabby Ribbons
6️⃣ lots of flowers and leaves + little willow basket
Kit is very limited, we have only few sets so don't wait!!!

FEBRUARY KIT - Make TIME for yourself

Price €30.00
Availability: 1 In Stock

kit includes:
1️⃣ 12x12' paper set Stamperia - Time is an illusion
2️⃣3 different card blanks: DL, C6 and square
3️⃣ Old book pages, sheet with elements to cut, journal cards + Little Birdie stickers

4️⃣ Metal can full of charms + washi tape
5️⃣ Mdf clock+ mdf set of the keys and gears, chipboards and chipboard photo frame
6️⃣ Selection of Shabby Ribbons and flowers 

OCTOBER KIT - Believe in magic

Price €30.00
Availability: 6 In Stock
Kit inlcudes:
1️⃣ Fantastic collection from Zoju Desing - Waiting for a letter with extra sheet of elements to cut, additional 3 extra sheets of flowery elements to cut and 2 old book pages.
2️⃣ 4 different chipboards in magic theme.
3️⃣ White exploding box, 2 card blanks:white DL and navy round.
Something new 3 kraft diary cards and 2 shapes pumpkin and witch hat perfect for Halloween decorations.
4️⃣ 4 Harry Potter themed playing cards, 3 mini bottles with microbeads, metal elements and styrofoam mini balls.
5️⃣ Bunch of leaves and flowers.
6️⃣ 3 vintage ribbons in coordintaing colors, cord white and neutral and black chessecloth.

SEPTEMBER KIT - Lavender Field

Price €30.00
Availability: 5 In Stock

What you can find in September Kit?
1️⃣ Set of Fabrica Decoru papers + 2 sheets of Stamperia papers
2️⃣ Purple lavender chocolate box, square card blank and shutter card.
3️⃣ Lavender chipboars and chipboard window frame.
4️⃣ Shabby ribbons, lavender laces, sisal, stamens wreath, purple tulle, clay element.
5️⃣ Bunch of leaves and flowers.

AUGUST KIT - Our Journey

Price €30.00
Availability: 4 In Stock

1️⃣ 12x12' paper collection  "BEAUTIFUL JOURNEY" by Zoju ,  extra papers with elements to cutfrom MIntay paper ("Wanderlust", "Paradise" and "Next trip""
2️⃣Pages from Mintay's booklet "TRAVEL BOOK" 
3️⃣Postcards, tickets, tags, stickers,chipboards, maps and even original postage stamps - everything related to the trip 
4️⃣ Something personal for you - a small travel journal, where you can keep track of your memories with a decorative metal clip, and an album where you can report on your adventures along with photos.
5️⃣ Shabby Ribbons, 
6️⃣ 3 Card blank (DL, easel, bag shape)
7️⃣ Rounded metal can full of goodies: metal charms, badges, even mini money bag for your dream journeys!!! ;)

APRIL KIT - My Little Girl

Price €25.00
Availability: 5 In Stock
➡️ My little Girl kit includes:
1️⃣ 12x12 set of My little baby girl papers by Fabrika Decoru
2️⃣ Square box with window + square card blank, round and rectangle card blanks and pink harmonica square album.
3️⃣ Chipboards: panda chipboards, flowery and frames.
4️⃣ Selection of different size paper and silk flowers with leaves and stamens.
5️⃣ Organza bag full of goodies: clay panda head, glitter stuffed hearts and plastic one, pearls, little paper flowers and glitter berries.
6️⃣ Selection of shabby ribbons, silk ribbons, cord, laces etc.


Price €25.00
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Availability: Out of stock

Kit includes:
*) 12x12 papers Lexi - BEAUTIFUL MOMENTS- full pad
*) Set of wedding chipboards + 3d wedding  chipboard
*) Blank cards  and envelopes x2 
*) exploding box 
*) lots of random flowers 
*)set of laces and Shabby Ribbons in coordinating colors and mesh lace
*) pearls,woodenl elements.


Price €25.00
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Availability: Out of stock

Kit includes:
*) 12x12 papers Craft O'Clock - WEDDING DREAMS - full pad
*) Set of wedding chipboards + 3d wedding  chipboard
*) Blank cards: cake shape, heart shape and DL size with box with window
*) exploding box 
6️⃣ lots of random flowers 
7️⃣ Set of laces and Shabby Ribbons in coordinating colors and mesh lace
8️⃣  pearls,woodenl elements.

JULY KIT - Flowery Letters

Price €25.00
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Availability: Out of stock
What you can find in the July Kit?
1️⃣ Paper pad 12x12 Till we meet again from P13
2️⃣ Card blanks: square, DL and door shape card
3️⃣ Shadow Box - Window with shutters 20x20cm
4️⃣ Lots of flowers, shabby ribbons and fabric mesh
5️⃣ Chipboards and clay embellisments
6️⃣ Craft envelope with string and washer closure full of tags
7️⃣ Small envelopes and ephemera cards
➡ More photos on our blog:

JUNE KIT - Vintage Gentleman

Price €25.00
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Availability: Out of stock

1️⃣ 12x12' paper collection Vintage Gentelman by Laserowe Love,
2 extra papers with elements to cut, wooden patterned paper
2️⃣ Kraft exploding box, cream card blank and shadow box
3️⃣ Mdf gear elements, 3d chipboards bike and 2 sets of chipboards
4️⃣ Air dry clay elements on map postcard
5️⃣ Shabby Ribbons, laces, ribbons
6️⃣ Big and small flowers
7️⃣ Metal can full of goodies: metal charms, kraft stickers, cord, stickers etc.

MAY KIT - Fairy World

Price €25.00
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Availability: Out of stock
➡ Kit includes:
1️⃣ 12x12' Little Birdie papers - Fairy sparkle
2️⃣ Wooden decorations: fairy doors, birds and little fence
3️⃣ Chipboard elements: tags, frame, butterflies and fairy
4️⃣ Clay fairies
5️⃣ Beautiful fairy postcards - ilustrations Mary Barker
6️⃣ Shabby ribbons, sisal, lace, cheescloth, feathers, butterflies
7️⃣ Mix of flowers and leaves and some fairy dust
8️⃣ MDF birdcage in different sizes

MARCH KIT - Sewing Fantasy

Price €25.00
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Availability: Out of stock
➡️Kit includes:
1️⃣ Papers, full pad of 12 x12 "Sewing Love" from Scrapboys
2️⃣ White exploding box with 3d sewing machine chipboard, 2 card blanks and some more chipboards
3️⃣ Little embellishments from Grandma's drawer. Chipboard and plastic buttons, some little bows, metal scissors and crochet heart. We add also some thread, we are wondering how you gonna use it.
4️⃣ Textiles. We added some satin pieces, beautiful jeans and jute hearts, some lace, felt etc. What are you going to make out if it? This month except DT projects we will give some other ideas how you can use things in the kit. Check out our FB group I like 14 Craft Bar for more info.
5️⃣ Metal little box full of embellishments. What you can find inside? Again lots of lovely metal pieces from Grandma's attic.
6️⃣ And some more nice pieces which can be used in multi ways like zip, piece of measuring tape, thread, cord etc.
7️⃣ We can't forget about our product no. 1 Shabby Ribbons in coordinating colors.
8️⃣ Clay mold with sewing elements like buttons, scissors, mannequins, needle, safety pin etc. You just have to add our air dry clay (it's not included in the kit).

FEBRUARY KIT - Simply delicious

Price €25.00
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Availability: Out of stock

More about it , you can read here - click

➡️Kit includes: 1️⃣ Papers 12 x12 "Around the table" P13, "Homemade" by Mintay Papers and Fabrika Decoru, 6x6 Lemoncraft 2️⃣ Album with hard cover 3️⃣ Card blanks: with window and square, 3 jar shaped tags, box for long chocolate, tea pot shaped die cut 4️⃣ Clay and chipboard elements, metal charms 5️⃣ Cupcake mold + piece of air dry clay 6️⃣ Shabby ribbons in coordinating colors, sisal 7️⃣ Box full of spices, coffee beans and pasta 8️⃣ Flannel piece with tea pot

DECEMBER KIT - We are family

Price €25.00
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 Kit includes:
1️⃣ Paper pad 6x8 P13 - We are family +single page 12x12cm with houses, 2 x 12x12cm Stamperia papers
2️⃣ Journal We are family
3️⃣ 2 sheets of stickers We are family
4️⃣ Big cardboard house, window shaker box and shaker set and chipboards
5️⃣ Shabby Ribbons in coordinating colors
6️⃣ Silk flowers and leaves and berries
7️⃣ Clay elements - angels, wings, door and house
8️⃣ Different card blanks and 3 boxes for Merci, Toffifee and chocolate.

OCTOBER KIT - Taste of Christmas

Price €20.00
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Availability: Out of stock

Kit includes:
1️⃣ Set of papers The Sweetest Christmas by Mintay Papers + 2 additional extra sheets to cut
2️⃣ Card blanks - square and DL and shaped cards door & star.
3️⃣ Flowers, leaves and berries.
4️⃣ Christmas chipboards and shaker + shaker set.
5️⃣ Turquoise ribbon, baby pink lace, pearls and gold leaves trim.
6️⃣ Jar full of small embellishments - little stars, wooden buttons, sparkle little stars, tiny paper flowers and sweet felt gingerbread house.
7️⃣ Clay elements.…/14-craft-bar-october-kit-t…

AUGUST KIT - Holiday in Paradise

Price €25.00
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Availability: Out of stock

Kit includes:
1️⃣ Set of 12x12 papers P13 - Let's Flamingle.
2️⃣ Exploding box and Travel journal/notebook
3️⃣ 2 sheets of extras to cut Let's Flamingle by P13 and Wild Tropics by Fabrika Decoru and stickers
4️⃣ 3d chipboard sunbed, tropical chipboards, frame and words, air clay elements: toucan & parrot and metal charms
5️⃣ Paper flowers, artificial leaves, bunch of stamens and pearl berries
6️⃣ Fuchsia foamiran and flower cutting dies
7️⃣ Shabby Ribbons in coordinating colors

JULY KIT - Sea Stories

Price €20.00
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Availability: Out of stock

Kit includes:
1️⃣ Set of 12x12 papers Fabrika Decoru - Sea world and 1 sheet of tag paper by Mintay Papers - Marina
2️⃣ 2 different card blanks (round & horizontal DL)
3️⃣ Chipboard mini screen album and chipboard window
4️⃣ 4 bottles in different sizes
5️⃣ Selection of natural embellishments
6️⃣ Selection cords, tiul, ribbons and shabby ribbons all in coordinating colors
7️⃣ Air clay embellishments, metal embellishments, buttons and wooden beads
8️⃣ Seaweed shape artificial leaves.

➡️ More photos of July kit on our blog

JUNE KIT - Age of Technology

Price €20.00
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Availability: Out of stock

June kit includes:
1️⃣ Set of 12x12 paper Craft O'Clock
2️⃣ 2 different card blanks and shadow box
3️⃣ Stickers/ Self Adhesive Elements 
4️⃣ 3 mini bottles full of media grains - large, medium and powder
5️⃣ selections of steampunk chipborads
6️⃣ Selection cords, trims and shabby ribbons, all in grunge colors
7️⃣ Blue and orange silk flowers
8️⃣ Metal can full metal and wodeen elements.

MAY KIT - "Boy's Little World"

Price €25.00
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May kit includes:
1️⃣ A4 Lemocraft paper pad - Boy's Little World
2️⃣ 3 different card blanks: DL, C6 and square and exploding box with openning shutters.
3️⃣ 5 clay embellishment
4️⃣ 2 shaker shapes & shaker set
5️⃣ Selection of leaves, flowers and berries
6️⃣ Selection of ribbons and laces
7️⃣ Small embellishments in plastic container

APRIL KIT - "Spring is coming"

Price €20.00
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April Kit includes:
1️⃣ 12x12 Mintay Papers - Bloomville collection
2️⃣ Exploding box, easel card & card box for chocolate
3️⃣ 3d bird cage & chipboard butterflies
4️⃣ Set of silk and paper flowers including Little Birdie handmade flowers
5️⃣ Yellow cord, leaves trim & shabby ribbon
6️⃣ Embellishments packed in very handy & useful bottle

MARCH KIT - "Letters of love"

Price €20.00
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Availability: Out of stock

March Kit includes:

1️⃣ 12x12 Fabrika Decoru paper set
2️⃣ 3 different shape card blanks
3️⃣ Set of chipboards and stamps
4️⃣ Ribbons, laces, textiles and cord
5️⃣ Silk and paper flowers with paper leaves
6️⃣ Organza bag full of pearls and metals.

FEBRUARY KIT - "Alice in Wonderland"

Price €20.00
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FEBRUARY KIT/ Alice in Wonderland

 Kit includes:
1️⃣ 12x12 "Stamperia" paper set - Alice
2️⃣ "Stamperia" cardboard album
3️⃣ 2 sets of chipboards
4️⃣ Junk metal can - can full of metals, bottles, stickers, buttons etc.
5️⃣ Set of clay elements on a big playing card

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