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Chipboards Set with Stamperia - HORSES

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Laser chipboards as an addition to your works are incredibly popular, which is why, in order to save you time from sifting through over 4000 types, we have decided to start a series of specific paper sets with chipboards from the same category. We hope this will assist you in enhancing your projects and the effort you put into them. When purchasing in a set, we naturally offer a small discount to encourage you to opt for these pre-compiled sets.

The set include:

*) Stamperia Paper Pad 12x12 - HORSES

*) Perfectly matched  3 different type of chippboards

By purchasing this set, you're saving money as the combined value of the individual chipboards bought separately is  higher.

If any of the textures from the pictures are no longer available, I will include another one that is very similar and in the same theme.

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