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Card Box for Coffee 250g - WHITE

Price €1.20
Availability: 9 In Stock

Specially designed box to pack coffe bag 250g card.


  • The  external dimensions of 14.5x9x4.5 cm
  • 300g / m2
  • For self-assembly, does not require gluing
  • we ship the product disassembled

Handbag Box

Price €1.50
Availability: 3 In Stock

The box in the shape of a tasteful bag with a handle and closure, does not open automatically.

 It has creases to facilitate folding, does not require gluing.

The inside of the box has its own additional side and top closure, after opening the outer part, the product inside will not fall out.

It will work as a gift box, cookie box, gift box, jewelery, as well as a thank you for business and wedding guests.

Total dimensions 15x12x6cm

The dimensions of the box inside are 15x6x5cm

It does not require gluing

Shipped flat, for self-assembly

Paper weight 300g / m26x5cm (bottom dimensions 15x6cm)

Decor Book - Chocolate Box

Price €3.50
Availability: 1 In Stock

Decor Book - Chocolate Box

A book-shaped base for creating interesting pages in the form of a book - great for occasions such as communion, wedding and anniversary.
External dimensions: 13 x 21.5 x 1.5 cm
Internal dimensions: 8.5 x 19 cm

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