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Soft Gel Medium - GLOSS 100 ml

Price €4.50
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When mixed with acrylic paints, the soft gel medium can alter their texture, paint flow, etc. Great for extending colour volume and adding body to thinner paints for impasto techniques. Retains peaks, brush strokes and helps create dimension in your projects. Can be used directly as an adhesive or a glossy overlay. Water based, transparent, archival safe and non- toxic.

100 ml

Heavy Gel Medium - MATTE 100 ml

Price €4.50
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Transparent, flexible, extra heavy body acrylic gel medium with a matte finish. Extends volume, viscosity and density of acrylic paints along with increasing brilliance and transparency. Keeps paints workable for longer. Can be mixed with paints, pigments and inks. Works as a binder for powder pigments and suitable for creating dimensional textures holding high peaks.

100 ml

Stamperia Rust Effect Components

Price €7.50
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The “Rust effect” has two components:
component A (powdered iron 80 gr) and component B (reagent 80 ml).
Spread some of component "A" on top of or mix it with any Stamperia Paste (Plaster, Soft Paste, Gel Paste, etc..), then pour a few drops of reagent "B" on top of the mixture.

The more reagent "B" you use, to the rust effect will appear after 24 hours about. Rinse the brushes with water after use.

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